KJAR says 'organised women can build democratic nation'

The 3rd Congress of KJAR took place between 2 and 4 April.

The Eastern Kurdistan Women's Society (KJAR) has announced the end of its 3rd Congress. The slogan of the congress was "With the organization of Rojhilat women, we can build the democratic nation"

In the final declaration, KJAR reminded of the call of President Abdullah Ocalan to the people of Iran and especially women to "organise, get together, fight and free yourselves."

The declaration said: “Our 3rd Congress has determined that in line with the age of democratic civilization, problems can be resolved only in the line of democratic change and unity that will take place on the basis of a mind revolution and enlightenment in the region."

The Congress took place between 2 and 4 April and the final declaration said: "Our congress has determined the line of developments that will be experienced by women of the region, especially Kurdish women, in the upcoming period, with the historical decisions taken in a time of intense struggle and rapid change in the international area and in the region."

The document said: "KJAR once again said it will continue its struggle to create a free life with great determination, and self-confidence."