KJK calls for a common struggle

Chemical weapons have killed 44 guerrilla fighters since April. The KJK called for a common struggle.

The Kurdistan Women's Community (KJK) pointed out that since the beginning of the Turkish invasion on 14 April, 44 guerrillas in South Kurdistan have been killed by chemical weapons. The Turkish state is resorting to banned weapons because it cannot defeat the guerrillas, explained the KJK coordination and called for self-defense.

The statement said: “In the 21st century we bow with respect and gratitude to the memory of those fallen while fighting heroically in resistance positions and challenging the enemy in the face of this ruthless and wholly technical and immoral warfare. We pledge to honour their memory with the sole determination to build a free Kurdistan and achieve victory.”

They attack with chemical weapons because they cannot defeat us

The statement added: “In this merciless war, the enemy, despite all his war experience and the most modern warfare technology, cannot defeat our guerrillas, so he attacks using chemical weapons. This does not show the enemy's strength, but rather his weakness and helplessness in the face of the guerrillas. The AKP-MHP war government is helpless in the face of the guerrillas, who will not retreat one step and advance day and night towards the enemy in the field and in the war tunnels in this six-month war process. The use of chemical weapons is an admission of their helplessness. We know very well from the pictures of the guerrillas how our companions resisted with great will.”

The KJK continued: “In Kurdistan, our guerrillas are proving at every moment their invincibility in the face of attacks. It is time for the invincible struggle of the guerrillas and the invincible struggle of the people and women to meet. The real deathblow will come when these battles collide.

The time has come

It's time. It is time for freedom and democracy everywhere, especially in Kurdistan. It is time for the victory of peoples and women. Today, the women and people of Rojhilat [East Kurdistan] who work for the serhildan [popular uprising] risking everything, execution, death by bullet, wounding, torture, are a source of strength and inspiration for Everyone. The history of struggle and serhildan in Kurdistan and in the world is a source of strength and inspiration.

As the KJK, we call on all women and our people to take up the struggle that will deal a mortal blow to this genocidal regime and the AKP-MHP government.

Surround the enemy from all sides

In the 21st century we must break the genocidal death-string hanging around the Kurds' necks and present the peoples of the region and the world with the free and democratic Kurdistan and the women's revolution.

For Kurds and women there is no other option in life than the option of a free life.

On the other hand, defending our freedom and preserving our values ​​is both a national and a human duty. Everyone, especially young people and women, must defend themselves on the basis of freedom. Each place must be transformed into a battlefield in solidarity with, complementing and giving breath to the invincible struggle of the guerrillas.

To live dignified and free

It's time to live with dignity and freedom. We must not forget that while the enemy uses chemical weapons against the guerrillas in the mountains, they also kill nature, society and women in the towns and villages.

Every place must become a battle zone

Kurds and women must step up the dignified self-defense struggle against this dirty and special war and make every place a battlefield.”

Call for expansion of struggle and common victory

On this basis, the KJK called “on all those engaged in revolutionary and democratic struggles and fighting for free women to step up the struggle and win a common victory. This battle is humanity's battle; this battle is the battle to win humanity's future. Feminists, socialists, ecologists, anarchists, all pro-democracy sections must expand and spread this struggle for humanity everywhere. We must win our future together, build it together, and make the 21st century a century of peoples and women.

We call on everyone to step up the fight, to do more than they can, to make every moment and place a moment and place that isolates and harasses the enemy. We call on the forces of freedom and democracy to unite, encircle the enemy and become the fist that strikes the killing blow.”