KJK calls on women to lead the struggle against Turkish occupation

KJK sent a message to the Newroz celebration in Qandil and called on women to take the lead against all occupation plans of the occupying Turkish state.


Newroz celebration in Qandil started at 12.00 local time. Thousands of people attended the celebration organised under the slogan "Freedom for Leader Öcalan, a Political Solution to the Kurdish Question".

A written message from Tevgera Azadî (Freedom Movement in South Kurdistan) was read during the celebration. Tevgera Azadi Co-Chairperson Tara Hussein read the message and made the following call: "As Tevgera Azadi, we call on all Kurdish parties and organisations to develop dialogue among themselves and not to miss this historic opportunity. Let's put aside all the contradictions between us. Historic days await our people. We must not miss this opportunity, and we must not serve those who occupy Kurdistan."

The Kurdistan Women's Community (KJK) also sent a message to the enthusiastic Newroz celebration in Qandil.  In its message, KJK called on all women of Kurdistan to lead the struggle against the occupation, stating the following:

"Newroz is the herald of light against darkness and the victory of the oppressed against oppression. We celebrate the Newroz Festival of our people in Kurdistan and abroad and all oppressed peoples. We respectfully and gratefully commemorate Zekiye Alkan, Mazlum Doğan, Rewşan, Bêrivan and Ronahi and all the martyrs of freedom who made their bodies Newroz with fire.

During the 8 March celebrations in the four parts of Kurdistan, we witnessed together the cry and call against all kinds of violence, killing, occupation and betrayal. Women heralded Newroz with their enthusiasm and successful actions on 8 March. Women in South Kurdistan in particular should lead the way against all occupation plans of the occupying Turkish state.

We call on all women; let us fulfill our responsibilities against occupation and the treacherous line and raise the women's struggle for national unity together."