KJK condemns threats against HDP Co-chair Pervin Buldan

The Kurdish Women's Liberation Movement condemned Interior Minister's threats to HDP co-chair.

In a written statement the KJK (Kurdistan Women's Community) Coordination condemned the threats made by Interior Minister, Soylu, against HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party) co-chair and deputy, Pervin Buldan. 

"The freedom of women of the HDP has shaken the AKP. - said the statement - The fascist, dictatorial AKP regime once again has shown its intolerance towards women".

The statement underlined that "despite all the attacks carried out by the AKP-MHP fascist alliance against the HDP, the HDP and Pervin Buldan got millions of votes and resulted in being the third party in Parliament. Buldan - added the statement - was elected as a deputy and  a representative of women". 

The threat by the Interior Minister to Buldan, said the statement, is a threat to "women's freedom struggle".

The statement reminded of the increase in violence against women during the 16-years AKP rule. 

"The KJK strongly condemned the attack on Pervin Buldan and urged all women to show their rejection of this threats.