KJK: It is time for a global rebellion against patriarchy, fascism and capitalism

The KJK coordination called for broad participation in the actions on 8 March, stating that it is time for a global rebellion against patriarchy, fascism and capitalism.

Tomorrow is International Women's Struggle Day. Women everywhere are mobilizing for demonstrations and actions against the patriarchy. The Coordination of the Community of Kurdistan Women (KJK) called for broad participation in the actions to be organized tomorrow.

8 March is the beginning of women’s spring

The KJK said in a statement to "all women entering spring on 8 March" that "this is another day of struggle that rises like a sun against the shadow of war and femicide. 8 March gives hope against the patriarchy, which with its system tries to suffocate women and peoples in a dark winter. It is the harbinger of spring that makes life colorful."

The statement continued as follows:

"8 March every day

But the fight for women's liberation doesn't fit into one day. It is the greatest responsibility of us women to turn 8 March, a day when hundreds of women were burned, into a day when women rise from the ashes, and to make every day such a day.

World War III is an undeclared, covert war against women. Although attempts are made to hide this fact with lies and deception, it is a state of war. For this reason, women's resistance is also a self-defense fight against this war. The US, the countries of Europe, and many countries on other continents are not officially at war with any country, but when we look at the statistics of femicides, rapes, labor murders and exploitation, we see figures that correspond to the losses of one in no way inferior to war. It is not possible to explain these statistics using any term other than war.

Expand the self-defense struggle against war

In recent years, this situation has become even more terrible with the intensification of wars between nation states and civil wars. The number of femicides has reached the highest levels in Kurdistan, Northern and Eastern Syria, Palestine, Ukraine, Sudan, Yemen, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia and many other countries. Of course, women everywhere are fighting these attacks, albeit on different levels, and each of these fights has its meaning and importance.

World War III is expressed in a patriarchal mental structure that does everything it can to take the breath away from women everywhere. In this sense, this year's 8 March takes on great significance. We as women must support each other against this reality of war that is ravaging the world, even beyond the borders of nation-states, shouting out the suffering with an even louder voice and building a force of struggle and organization. Fighting for peace today means organizing yourself and society against the war that the patriarchal states, the patriarchal mentality and the global patriarchal system are waging against all women and peoples, and to fight against this war on everyone, everywhere in the world Defend levels and in any form.

World War III is being fought on the basis of nationalism, sexism, fundamentalism and scientism. We must fight against nationalism on the basis of the paradigm of the Democratic Nation, against fundamentalism on the basis of a democratic worldview, oppose life in a free partnership against sexism and oppose Jineoloji and free science against scientism. On this basis, we must expand our fight.

Rêber Apo showed women the way to freedom

For 25 years, Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] has been isolated and imprisoned in the most difficult conditions in Imrali. Nevertheless, he showed us as women the path to freedom and peace in the best way. This year's events on 8 March should therefore also be actions demanding the physical freedom of Rêber Apo. The women's liberation struggle in the 21st century is directly linked to the paradigm of Rêber Apo and the lineage of the free woman.

We have to overcome borders and reach out to each other

As we move towards the completion of the first quarter of the 21st century, women's struggle must develop a strategic idea of peace and realize its defense at the ideological, political, organizational level and in combat. This fight is a self-defense fight. On 8 March, we must remember by name all murdered women. Wherever they lived in the world. We must shout across borders and stand in solidarity with one another on the basis of the Democratic Nation and Democratic Confederalism. We must raise our voices everywhere against this war that is devouring women and society. Whether Boko Haram in Nigeria, the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Sharia regime in Iran, the attacks against women by AKP fascism in Turkey, the events in Sudan, Yemen, Ukraine, Armenia, Brazil, in Argentina, in Mexico, in Chile and in all the countries where women are threatened with everything from rape to murder, execution, torture, labor exploitation, humiliation, we will denounce these attacks and strengthen the unity of our fight against them.

We have to bring the fascist mentality to women’s justice

The Turkish state is attacking the women's revolution in Rojava and is killing women fighting for their freedom in Shengal, Maxmur, South and North Kurdistan and even in Paris. In Afrin, Serekaniye and all areas occupied by the fascist Republic of Turkey, women are severely tortured and murdered every day. In North Kurdistan, attempts are being made to destroy the achievements of women's struggle by using all kinds of special warfare methods and direct attacks. The prisons are full of fighting women; the graves are full of women slaughtered by men.

This 8 March, the mask must be torn off Erdoğan. The fascist and patriarchal mentality must be condemned by women's justice. We must expose the Iranian state that executes, tortures and imprisons women, the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, the criminal organization Boko Haram, the patriarchal states behind war and oppression, and the capitalist system that commodifies women's fight.

We must make the whole world the heart of rebellion and construction

We must condemn patriarchy everywhere, chanting the slogan “Jin, Jiyan, Azadî”, in the spirit of women and their justice. By marching with this call to the women's revolution, we must rise up against this life-drying and corrosive capitalist system, against all versions of fascism, against the patriarchal system that exploits us. The streets, the cities, the villages, the mountains, the factories, the fields, all the spaces belong to us and are the heart of rebellion and construction.

Women allow life to blossom through their rebellion, their no, their will for a free life and their building process. On March 8, we call on all women to recreate the uprising from the ashes, make the whole world the heart of uprising and construction, strengthen cooperativeness and expand the struggle."