Kongra Star publishes new monthly newsletter

Kongra Star has published its new monthly newsletter.

Kongra Star has published its new monthly newsletter to inform about events and important developments that happened in October. 

The women of Kongra Star wrote: "In Rojava (West Kurdistan) and North and East Syria, we have been in a women‘s revolution for more than 11 years. Since then, many achievements have been and are being made with the organised strength of women in all areas of society. First, a democratic social system is being built in which women are free, and second, these achievements are being defended against the attacks of the fascist Turkish state."

The women added: "Women‘s organisation of different ethnic groups has progressed to a very good level, work has been done to introduce laws guaranteeing women‘s rights and a strong stance has developed among women from different ethnic groups for women‘s unity. An international campaign for the freedom of Abdullah Ocalan has been launched and the women‘s movements in North and East Syria have also been strongly involved.

Unfortunately, the region has also been massively attacked by Turkey with the aim of destroying the revolution here and making daily life impossible, with the Turkish state committing war crimes and violating international law with these attacks. Civilian infrastructure targets and facilities in the region have been attacked. However, the people of North and East Syria will not be intimidated and are committed to the democratic system that has been established here."

The full newsletter can be read here