Kongra Star: There is torture and rape in Turkish state prisons

The Kongra Star Rojava Coordination called attention to the death of Garibe Gezer and underlined the presence of torture and rape in Turkish state’s prisons.

Kongra Star Rojava Coordination issued a written statement about Garibe Gezer, who died in suspicious circumstances in prison.

The statement said: "The Turkish state should clarify the details of the claims regarding Gezer’s alleged suicide," and added: "The unanswered questions surrounding Gezer's death persist. The events have once again brought to light the human rights breaches in Turkish jails. Torture, brutality, and rape are becoming more common in Turkish state prisons. In a recent letter to her sister, Gezer said that she was strip searched and was abused. She was not allowed to receive medical treatment.”

Kongra Star condemned the systematic torture in Turkish state prisons, pointing out that the AKP-MHP administration continue to torture prisoners in front of the eyes of the human rights organizations.

At the end of its remarks, Kongra Star urged civil organizations, the international community, and human rights organizations to put pressure on the Turkish government.