Kongreya Star continues the fight against child marriages

Kongreya Star continues the fight against child marriages and polygamy.

There have been many changes in women’s lives after the Rojava Revolution. The women have fought and proved themselves in political, military and every aspect of life, promoting their way of life to the world. But still, many women are subjected to patriarchal pressure.

Alongside legal arrangements in Rojava, Kongreya Star works to achieve social change through education programs as well. 

Dr. Peyman Aydil stated that child marriages affect women in several negative ways and added that girls can’t look after children when they are young, and will face an array of health problems.

Peyman pointed to the women’s psychological state and said families tell young girls that “women lack will and are weak” and the girls lose self-esteem, ending up belittling their own character. Peyman said, “Families marry their daughters off this way and then women are subjugated to the men. Men exercise power over the women this way.”

“We are working to build a moral society”

Kobanê Canton Kongreya Star Administrator Sara Xelil said they aim to reduce child marriages and polygamy through laws and education efforts, and added that their fight for a moral society will continue.