Kongreya Star holds preparatory meetings as Congress approaches

The Second Congress will be held on 15 July.

Kongreya Star members continued their preparatory meetings in the Canton of Cizire for the Congress of the organisation scheduled for the 15th of July.

The new meeting was attended by Kongreya Star Rojava Spokeswoman, Evin Siwed, Cizire Canton co-chair, Hofa Erebo as well as executives of Kongreya Star in the Canton of Cizire. 

Like in other meetings held to talk with women about the Second Congress of the organisation, the assembly was an opportunity to elect new executives of the region as well as to talk about the work which needs done.

In the last 10 days Kongreya Star has organised elections in 51 centres and has elected 7 executives in each province of Cizire.

Kongreya Star has been carrying out many tasks and continues to work as an umbrella institution based on women's freedom struggle and women's education. 

In this context, Kongreya Star is carrying out work on many areas, such as women’s diplomacy, women's economy, health, justice, education, defense, press and politics.