Kongreya Star supports campaigns to combat violence against women

Kongreya Star Spokesperson Remziye Mihemed said that they support the campaigns to combat violence against women, stressing that Kongreya Star's fight against violence will continue.

181 women, 74 women's organizations and the Kurdish Women's Press Office (REPAK) have recently launched a global campaign against femicide. Promoting struggle for life, justice and freedom, the campaign continues under the motto "We must build a defence network and stop the political genocide against women!"

Kongreya Star Spokesperson Remziye Mihemed spoke to ANHA about the campaign.

"We have started our campaign against murder, rape, violence and femicide which specifically target activist women. Authoritarian capitalist regimes around the world target women politicians and activists fighting for freedom. The Kurdish women politicians who fight for the freedom of women and society are also targeted” she said.

“Since its establishment in 2005 in North and East Syria, the Kongreya Star has continued to support women's activities. Our coordinators have been targeted by the mercenaries backed by the Turkish state and ISIS. Among these women are Zehra Berkel, Hebûn Mela Xelîl, Yadê Eqîde, the Secretary General of the Syrian Future Party Hevrîn Xelef and the member of the Autonomous Administration institutions Hind û Seide,” Mihemed noted.

Mihemed stressed that they will continue to increase their struggle against all these crimes. “The first thing to do is to establish an international court to investigate the perpetrators so that these crimes against women do not go unpunished and they are not repeated. The women's struggle for freedom will grow stronger with the defeat of the occupiers.”

“Our short-term goal is to organize 4 panels. Our medium-term goal is to collect information regarding the genocide plans against leading women politicians from the 2000s to the present. The long-term goals are to establish an alternative court where women carry out investigations and to make serious efforts to restrict the policies of genocide against women,” Mihemed continued.

“We have a lot of evidence to present to the international courts. We can provide information on kidnapping, murder, crimes against women and assassinations of female politicians in the occupied territories. Our activities will continue until the invaders are defeated,” she noted.

“We hope that the international community, human rights and legal organizations will put an end to the Turkish state's crimes against women. Femicide and murders continue not only here, but all over the world. Therefore, women's institutions should unite against these policies,” Mihemed remarked.

“Our struggle and ongoing activities will actively support the prevention of crimes against women and genocide policies,” added the Kongreya Star executive.