Kongreya Star: The lives of women must be protected

In Kobanê a young woman committed suicide. The women's movement Kongreya Star blames the patriarchal mentality and demands that the lives of women be protected.

After the death of a young woman in Kobanê, the women's movement Kongreya Star demands that those responsible be brought to justice. A statement published today says:

"Since the beginning of the revolution in Rojava, we have fought for women's rights, freedom and equality. The patriarchal ruling system continues its violence against women and its massacres. Today the patriarchal mindset killed Emina in Kobanê. She was 21 years old and mother of a child.

As the women's movement Kongreya Star, we are aware of the danger women are in. The reason for femicide and suicide of women is the pressure built up by the patriarchal system against the achievements of the women's revolution.

We condemn the mentality that leads to femicide and suicide. We demand that those responsible be brought to justice. Women's lives must be protected."