Kurdish female guerrillas challenge the Turkish army in Barzan

The intensity of the actions by female guerrilla forces YJA Star proves the AKP’s propaganda against Kurdish guerrillas wrong. We witnessed how desperate Turkish soldiers were against female guerrillas in Barzan region (*).

The guerrillas of Kurdistan respond to the increasingly ongoing attacks of the Turkish army with their offensives and actions against Turkish military forces that suffer heavy blows contrary to the AKP’s propaganda of finishing off the guerrillas.

There is a significant increase in the actions of women’s troops YJA Star against the Turkish army. We are reading about it in HPG’s statements every day and watch footages of their actions on Gerîla TV.


The guerrilla action against Turkish army position on Boti Hill in Barzan region of Southern Kurdistan had another aspect of importance; participation of female guerrillas who stopped the Turkish invasion.

They showed the world what women guerrillas are capable of under tough conditions of Zagros mountains. Now everybody knows that Kurdish women guerrillas will actively respond to any attack against Southern Kurdistan.

When someone talks about Zagros, the first thing that comes to mind is, it being the roughest terrain in Kurdistan. The deep valley and cliffs amaze anyone that sees it. In military terms Zagros is like a labyrinth. If you don’t know the way you will get lost. You have to know where you are when you walk in Zagros. You will never know when or where a guerrilla will appear before you. These mountains are the home of guerrillas and under guerrilla control 24/7. Sometimes Turkish army launches operations but they usually capture a position and stay stationary. They will never take risk and move in the area. The stationary units are always under the risk of being targeted by the guerrillas.

Kurdish women guerrillas became a part of Zagros. They responded the military operation of the Turkish army on September 27. Turkish army suffered heavy losses against the guerrillas and their morale hit rock bottom after their desperation. The soldiers couldn’t move in any of the guerrilla actions targeting them.


Now winter is coming. Turkish army’s only hope is winter. In their point of view, guerrillas won’t be able to move when winter comes. These rookie AKP soldiers are unaware of Kurdish guerrilla’s war experience of 30 years. It looks like Erdoğan tricked them by saying “guerrillas cannot fight in snow”. R.T Erdoğan is taking advantage of society’s “fish memory” and thinks that everybody forgot about what happened during the Turkish army’s operation in 2008. Maybe the Turkish army forgot about it but the world remembers the desperation of the Turkish military against guerrillas and how they escaped without looking back.

These mountains became hell for Alexander the Great of Macedonia. And now it became hell for the Turkish army.


YJA Star guerrillas fight in every aspect of war and under any circumstances. They show how strong human will is with their activity in the fighting even in harsh winter conditions. Guerrillas have the morale superiority against the Turkish army.

Despite Turkish propaganda the situation on the ground is different in Zagros. “Not everyone can fight in Zagros” a female fighter says. The real fighters show themselves in the battle.

The world saw Kurdish women guerrillas’ ability to fight in the struggle against ISIS in Kobanê, Shengal, Kirkuk and all of Rojava. Now this is being witnessed in the mountains of Kurdistan. Kurdish female guerrillas are fighting against Turkish invasion in Zagros, Botan, Serhat, Amed, Erzurum, Dersim and all Kurdish mountains.

Women guerrillas remind us a Kurdish proverb: “Şêr şêre. Çi jine, çi mêre – A lion is lion, whether male or female.”


* Barzan region is the traditional homeland of Barzan tribe led by KRG President Masoud Barzani.