Kurdish Women's Initiative kicks off March 8 events in the UK

The British Kurdish Women's Initiative has launched its March 8 activities. The initiative will raise awareness on women's resistance throughout the week.

The British Kurdish Women's Initiative will organize a series of activities, including marches, panels, cultural events and sending letters to female prisoners to mark 8 March, International Working Women's Day, between March 1-8.

The Women's Initiative will hold a series of events for 8 days under the motto “Resist, Organize, Live Free.” The Initiative will emphasize the importance of women's unity and solidarity this year. They will underline that the approach to women is the approach to the freedom revolution. The activists will highlight that the collective struggle of women will boost the struggle against the male-dominated system.


The women have kicked off the March 8 events in London by sending 'solidarity' cards to jailed women.

The London Women's Initiative, which consists of the Kurdish Women's Initiative, SKB, Alevi and women's organizations of local associations, came together in front of the Bruce Grove Post Office as part of the 8 March International Working Women's Day events. Activist women frequently chanted the slogan "Jin, jiyan, azadi" (Woman, life, freedom).

“As we are preparing to welcome 8 March International Working Women's Day, we are raising our voices against the oppressive, marginalizing, discriminatory and racist male-dominated mentality against women and peoples. The fascist AKP-MHP government, which represents the misogynist and male-dominant system, is responsible for the policies that pave the way for femicides. The political women prisoners kept by the regime can be cited as one of the most important indicators of these policies,” a statement made on behalf of Women's Solidarity, said.

The Women's Solidarity expressed solidarity with jailed women under the motto “It's time to defend free women and society against femicide” and emphasized that women's freedom struggle maintains its unity against the male sovereign state mentality.

After the statement, the group sent solidarity cards to jailed women politicians, including Aysel Tuğluk, Gültan Kışanak and Figen Yüksekdağ.


The activities that the Kurdish Women's Initiative has been working on for about two months are as follows:

On March 3, Thursday, an online panel will be held with the participation of all left-wing women's organizations from Turkey. The history of March 8 and women's organizations’ approach to the women's liberation struggle will be discussed.

On March 5, Saturday, at 12:30, a march led by the women's movement Million Women Rise will be held starting from Agar Street WC2. Various Kurdish women's organizations and the Kurdish women's choir will participate in the demonstration.

On March 8 at 18:00, the Kurdish women's choir will participate in another march to be held under the leadership of the Kurdish Women's Initiative and the Women's Strike Assembly at Leicester Square, London.