Kurdistan Free Women's Movement condemns Iraqi government's siege of Maxmur

The Kurdistan Free Women's Movement (RJAK) strongly condemned the Iraqi government's siege and attacks targeting Maxmur and demanded the immediate withdrawal of Iraqi forces.

On Saturday, 20 May, the Iraqi army surrounded the Maxmur camp, accompanied by dozens of armored vehicles, special forces and police.

The Iraqi army wanted to surround the camp with wire fences. However, the people of Maxmur resisted this imposition. When the Maxmur people, who stood against the Iraqi army all day long, were fired upon, the people responded with stones and the army had to retreat. A young man named Ahmed Ömer was injured as a result of the fire.

Making a written statement regarding the siege and attacks by the Iraqi government on Martyr Rustem Cudi Refugee Camp (Maxmur), RJAK said that "these attacks were carried out at the request of the Turkish state."

RJAK said: "The fascist Turkish state and its partners cannot break the will of the Martyr Rustem Cudi Camp people. That's why they're currently resorting to violence. This attack is an indication of the failure of the occupying forces. The Kurdish people were shaped by a culture of resistance and defence of their free will."

RJAK added: "We stand by the people of Maxmur. We strongly condemn this attack and demand the immediate withdrawal of the Iraqi Army."