Manbij Women’s Council: No to Turkish intervention

The women of Manbij reiterated they are against the Turkish state’s plans for their city.

The Manbij Women's Council condemned in a press statement on Saturday the threats of the Turkish state against the city.

In the press release the Women’s Council stated that external interventions would not be accepted.

The press gathered at Manbij Civil Centre building.

Ebtisam Ebulqadir, member of the Diplomatic Relations Committee, read the statement on behalf of the Women’s Council.

“The region is targeted for being a peaceful and secure environment. - said the statement - We, the people of Manbij, declare that we will oppose any repression”. The women of Manbij reiterated that they will not accept any intervention by the Turkish state.

The women added that they will not accept the conspiracy and alliances being devised by the Turkish state against Manbij.

"We, the women of Manbij, will not accept any intervention in our city and will consider all interventions as an invasion attempt”.

After the statement was read, the women added that they know very well the dirty policies and games played by the Turkish state and would not lower the guard and protection of their own regions.

The press conference ended with slogans.