Maxmur Peace Mothers: 14 days of resistance

The embargo against Martyr Rüstem Cudi (Maxmur) Refugee Camp has been continuing for 59 days. The resistance of the Peace Mothers who are promoting a sit-in action at the KDP public order forces checkpoint since 1 September is also continuing.

The Peace Mothers are demanding the lifting of the embargo for 14 days.

The security forces at the checkpoint do not allow anyone to visit the mothers. Şerbet Salih, one of the Peace Mothers was taken to hospital on 10 September. She spoke to Rojnews about the action.

"On 1 September, World Peace Day, - said Salih - we walked to the public order forces checkpoint to demand the lifting of the embargo imposed on our camp. We wanted to meet with the authorities in Hewlêr."

However, recalled the Peace Mother "before we reached Hewlêr, we were stopped at the checkpoint 10 kilometers from the camp. We explained that we would like to meet with the authorities in Hewlêr to demand the lifting of the embargo. In response, we were subjected to attacks and insults from the security forces at the checkpoint."

The mothers reacted and improvised a sit-in to protest the abuse. "The KDP public order forces - recalled Salih - threatened us to forcibly remove us, if we were not going. Midnight came and they told us to go or face removal. We said we were not moving and here we are."

‘Mothers suffered great injustices’

Underlining the repression of the public order forces, Şerbet Salih said: “The public order forces  threatened whoever wanted to help us. They told us: 'What are you doing here? The task of women is to sit at home and wash dishes’. The public order forces told us the embargo is a political decision and to go home. But we won't be dissuaded."

Peace Mothers issued a call

Şerbet Salih called on the people of Başur and the Kurdish people, to take care of their sisters and brothers in Maxmur Camp.

"We call on the United Nations (UN) to fulfill its duties. - she said - I invite Mesut Barzani and Nêçirvan Barzani to reclaim their Kurdishness. Let's hold each other hand and live together freely."