Miscarriages and maternal health risks amid Turkish invasion

Due to the ongoing attacks by jihadist mercenaries and Turkish invading troops, the danger of miscarriages in northern Syria is increasing, warns the women's movement Kongreya Star and the Women Defend Rojava Information Committee.

Every day shells fired by the Turkish army and its allied so-called SNA militias hit civilian settlements in northern and eastern Syria, and there are repeated attacks on the ground. These attacks not only claim the lives of men, women and children, but also put a strain on the health of people in the region.

The Women Defend Rojava Information Committee of the Euphrates (Fırat) region has been gathering data and individual experiences about the injuries and losses women have suffered due to attacks of the Turkish state and its jihadist proxies. Many women have been physically injured and their children killed. There are also many women who went through miscarriages and lost their child before birth.

The Committee visited a maternity hospital in Kobane and interviewed the head of the gynecological department Dr. Nasan Ehmed.

In the interview the doctor expressed that during the attacks of the Turkish State, particularly in October and November, there were many cases of premature births and uterine bleeding, including women whose pregnancies terminated due to the tearing of the uterus. Those cases were investigated and it was discovered they were caused by having to leave the area they lived in, in other words by forced migration. These cases were also impacted by the psychological damage and fear caused by the attacks of the Turkish state, and the dangerous conditions and loss of peace and security they caused.

Bombardments without consideration of civilian population

The bombing was carried out randomly and without any consideration for civilians, and as people living in the area were being targeted, the fear spread among them. This was also the reason that people left their houses in search for more secure locations. People experienced killing, kidnapping and plundering in all areas but especially in Girê Spî (Tal Abyad) and Serê Kaniyê (Ras al-Ain). In these two cities many war crimes and crimes against humanity were perpetrated.

Many women suffered miscarriages

These events especially negatively influenced pregnant women. Many pregnant women lost their children due to psychological trauma, and many others got uterine bleeding which had put their health in danger. There were women who were able to reach the hospital and who were helped, but there were also women who unfortunately lost their children. These cases have been recognized by doctors and substantiated by written reports. The statistics of the Committee include 3 cases of placenta dilation,1 case of uterine tearing and 49 cases of miscarriages and premature births.

Human rights organisations must fulfil their duty

The Committee says: "As those responsible for health of Euphrates region we are working in the civil arena, rescuing and treating civilians. We demand that international civil and human rights organizations fulfill their duties and protect civil society, implementing international laws and protecting women and children, especially in those regions in conflict.

We also demand that the nation states which bear the responsibility to resolve the Syrian chaos intervene and end this war. This war has already lasted for several years and many civilians have become victims or have experienced violence and many other problems and have been forced to migrate from their homes. These states must pressurise the Syrian State to find a political and diplomatic solution to establish peace in the region”