Mothers protesting in front of AKP headquarters detained

The protests in front of AKP headquarters in Turkey are widening. In Ankara there were arrests while in Kayseri protesting mothers were expelled by the police from the vicinity of the AKP building.

Four people joining a sit-in strike in front of the AKP headquarters in Ankara, have been detained.  

Those involved are Cemal Yildirim, who lost his job through an emergency decree, and the mothers of students from a military academy who were sentenced to life imprisonment following the 2016 coup attempt.

The police intervened yet before the protest could even begin. Unionist Yildirim and the mothers were initially pushed back. When the police tried to arrest Yildirim, one of the activists, Melek Çetinkaya, mother of military student Furkan Çetinkaya who was sentenced to life imprisonment, tried to protect him and stood in front of him. The mother said, "What did he do? He just wants his job back." The police eventually arrested both of them and two other mothers.

In front of the AKP building in Kayseri, four mothers of students from the Military Academy came together to protest the prison sentences given to their sons. They too were immediately expelled by the police from the scene.