New Women’s Office opened in Raqqa

Women are reclaiming their role within society through a number of organisations and initiatives.

Members of the Raqqa Women's Office, Tabqa Women's Council and Raqqa Civil Council joined SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) fighters and members of the Raqqa Internal Security forces at the event organised for the opening of the Women's Office in Raqqa’s Rimela neighborhood.

Photographs of Raqqa martyrs were put up together with the Syrian Women's Council and SDF flags in the area where the event was held.

The opening ceremony began with a minute’s silence in memory of the martyrs.

Then, Zehra al-Mustafa, member of the Raqqa Civil Council Women's Office, Wela al-Naci, member of Tabqa Women's Council and Zelîxa Ebdi, executive of the Women’s House of Rimêla neighborhood delivered their speeches.

Speakers reminded that Arab women would greatly benefit in organizing and would play a leading role in all aspects of life. Women, the speakers said, will be supported by the women’s organisations in their various projects.

A special mention was made to remember the martyrs who liberated the city of Raqqa from the DAESH (ISIS) mercenaries.

After the speeches, members of Raqqa Martyrs’ Association cut the ribbon declaring official opening of the Women’s Office.

The Raqqa Civil Women's Office was established immediately after the liberation of Raqqa by the SDF fighters who defeated the DAESH mercenaries, on 20 October 2017.

The Office has immediately started to work with women in the city to enable them to organise and reclaim their role within the society.

Women’s committees were set up and organised different training programs in the academies opened by the Autonomous Administration.