PAJK celebrates Öcalan’s birthday, vowing to expand the struggle for his freedom

“The birthday of our leader marks a new beginning and progress in the history of humanity. It marks a rebirth in the freedom struggle of women,” said PAJK.

The Party of Free Women in Kurdistan (PAJK) Coordination celebrated the 74th birthday of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and vowed to expand the struggle for his freedom.

The PAJK Coordination’s statement marking the birthday of the Kurdish leader is as follows:

“We congratulate women, youth, the Kurdish people and all humanity who seek freedom on the 74th birthday of our leader. We also congratulate all patriotic and working mothers in the person of the rebellious Mother Uveysh, who represents the mother goddess culture.

Öcalan's birthday represents the past, present and future for women and humanity. To embrace the leader means to embrace the past, present and future. Öcalan's physical freedom lays a responsibility greater than ever before on women and all humanity under the current circumstances. Öcalan's birthday is present, and the present relies on his physical freedom.

The birthday of our leader marks a new beginning and progress in the history of humanity. It marks a rebirth in the freedom struggle of women. It is the hope of freedom and guarantees success for the Kurdish people and all the oppressed peoples. The women's freedom paradigm is the essence of this project. The system of Democratic Modernity and women's confederalism are the way of life offered by this paradigm. Öcalan's birthday carries great historic significance and meaning for women, youth and peoples.

Öcalan started the freedom march to promote the values of humanity and the history of resistance in the lands shaped by this culture. He saved a people who grew away from the knowledge and philosophy of its existence at every step in his march for freedom. Öcalan’s paradigm against the age and system of Capitalist Modernity has been a historic breakthrough for women, the Kurdish people and humanity. It is a scientific, social, philosophical and maternal breakthrough against the male-dominated mentality and culture. Our leader based the foundations of free thought, women and free society on the values and cultural products of the mother goddess culture. He developed a major struggle for this. The foundations of the revolution of humanity and the socialist and revolutionary movement led by women were first laid in Kurdistan. However, the paradigm of a free and equal life has today become a source of hope and struggle for women and humanity in the world, in line with the women's liberation struggle, the ideology of liberation and Jineology.

Öcalan fulfils the responsibility of the freedom struggle for women and society with his historical leadership and resistance stance that remain unprecedented in history. With this responsibility, he challenges all the dominant powers of the world. Global hegemonic powers consider the reality represented by Öcalan a threat to the interests of their system. They are waging a great war against him because of their fear. On the 75th year of his birth, this great war against him continues in the most severe way.

As Kurdish women and people, we celebrate Öcalan's birthday as we mark the 51st anniversary of the freedom struggle. His physical freedom is the most urgent task of our struggle.

With these feelings, we attach importance to Öcalan's birthday with the historic responsibility standing before us, women and people. Every Kurdish woman must mobilize all her strength and will for this historic responsibility, and we must keep fighting day and night for the freedom of our leader.

We celebrate the birthday of our leader with this determination and vow to expand the struggle for his freedom.”