PAJK salutes women and praises their struggle

"Freedom will develop through the common struggle of women. The 21st century will be the age of democracy and women”.

Kurdistan Free Women's Party (PAJK) released a statement marking November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

The Coordination of PAJK pointed out that women and humanity are in a collective crisis as a result of wars, immigration, killings of women, suicides, murders under the name of honor, and all male-dominated system practices.

“This situation of war and crisis - said the statement - affects women most. The antidote to this will be the women's struggle. On the one hand, there is a war involving the whole world, while on the other there is a resistance put up by women, by peoples and all the freedom and democracy forces. This war, which surrounds the first quarter of the century, will result in the victory of women, peoples, freedom forces”.

“Our task is to build an alternative life”

The growing struggle for the liberation of women in the mountains of Kurdistan is part of a wider struggle also against male domination, regional reactionism, and the violence, pretended sense of freedom of the capitalist modernist system, said the statement.

“There is a serious assault on women's achievements - said the statement - and on the reality of emancipated women. It is our basic duty to build an alternative life and culture based on women's values ​​against the culture of liberal policies and the culture of rape”. 

The PAJK statement continued: “The system wants to take revenge on the Kurdish woman who has the mission of leading the struggle in the Middle East and showing hope against fascism. Therefore, there is a serious and systematic attack specifically targeting Kurdish women. The system is the main force behind these attacks because of the emancipation of women and the fear that this resistance will spread to the entire Middle East and the world”.

“The system targets Öcalan’s alternative system proposal”

The statement said: “Leader Apo is the creator of the resistance in the Middle East and the founder of a truly alternative system. The situation of aggravated isolation imposed on our Leader also affects women's freedom. Following the discontinuation of the negotiations with our Leader, attacks on women, violence and massacres have increased considerably. So we say that the freedom of the Leader is the freedom of women. A free life without our Leader is not possible. For this reason, raising the struggle for the freedom of our Leader is part of the great struggle of the cause of women's liberation”.

The statement recalled how Turkish president Erdoğan is responsible for “ordering the massacres of women  in Kurdistan, when he ordered: ‘do what it takes, whether they are kids or women’. He engaged openly against not only North but all parts of Kurdistan”.

During the years of Erdoğan's dictatorship, violence against women has increased, recalled the statement, naming Afrin, Shengal, and North Kurdistan.

“Erdoğan has built a system that develops aggression against women. It has developed a political, legal, social and systematic infrastructure to this end. He declared a clear war against all women who opposed him and against all democratic groups. Our women-led revolution will lead to the end of Erdoğan fascism”.

The statement ended by saying: “We are aware that we are facing a historical pioneer mission as a free women's movement. We will create an alternative model with an ecological and democratic struggle based on a confederalism system. We salute all women who are resisting in prisons and struggling in cities, squares and mountains. Freedom will develop through the common struggle of women. The 21st century will be the age of democracy and women”.