PAJK: We will enhance the fight and keep Nagihan’s memory alive in our struggle

PAJK condemned the murder of Jineology Research Centre Member Nagihan Akarsel, saying that “The likes of Jîna Amini and Nagihan will not be silent. We will always keep Jîna’s and Nagihan’s memories alive in our struggle by raising the struggle everywhere.

The Party of Free Women in Kurdistan (PAJK) released a written statement concerning the murder of Jineology Research Centre Member Nagihan Akarsel in the city of Sulaymaniyah in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The statement by PAJK Coordination includes the following:

“Nagihan Akarsel, who made a significant contribution to the women's liberation struggle with her activities within the Jineology Academy, magazines and other works, and more specifically with the women's library projects in Sulaymaniyah, is a martyr of our women's revolution. The murder of our dear Kurdish academician Nagihan Akarsel, whose writings inspire women, has deeply saddened us all. We remember her memory and activities respectfully.

We strongly condemn the cowardly armed attack carried out by the AKP government in cooperation with their cells in South Kurdistan. The politically motivated attack should be a reason for all women to stand up. It should lead the Kurdish people and the democratic public and women's movements to hold the AKP fascism and its discriminatory policies accountable. It should be a reason to hold the ruling male system to account and to promote self-defence.

There are serious duties for the women of Bashur (South Kurdistan), the public, the PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan), which is a partner in the South Kurdistan government, and more specifically, the local PUK administration, since the attack took place in Sulaymaniyah, not to sweep the murder under the rug like other political murders in South Kurdistan.


This attack is an attack directed at everyone, especially academics, politicians, thinkers and revolutionary groups who advocate patriotism, freedom and democracy. The Turkish state's murder of Kurdish female academic and writer Nagihan Akarsel was carried out to get revenge against the Kurdish women who lead democratic transformation and freedom under the motto “JIN, JIYAN, AZADİ” (WOMAN, LIFE, FREEDOM). It is a matter of honour for our people, especially the women of Bashur, to bring those responsible to account. The PUK should also consider it a matter of honour. Kurdish women preferred an honourable struggle by not surrendering to Turkish attacks, destruction and denial. The honour which finds its best expression in women is the honour of the Kurdish people. Preserving this honour is a fundamental duty for every Kurdish patriot.

Now it is time to remove the fascist Turkish state, along with its open and secret organizations, from Bashur. The guerrilla resistance in the mountains represents this struggle for honour. It would be an honourable national attitude for our people of Bashur to clear off any organization related to the Turkish state through boycotts and protests. There are two paths for the people of Bashur. Either they will live freely with honourable national values, and they will embrace their identity and will. Or they will be puppets of the AKP and help with its dirty murders. The murder of our friend Nagihan Akarsel shows that Bashur gradually ceases to be the city of the Kurds and becomes an ally to Ankara. In order to stop this, we invite all our people in Bashur to a national pride march under the leadership of women. We call on all Kurds to stand up against fascism everywhere, against the anti-women and anti-Kurdish Turkish state.

The KDP, which allies with Turkey and surrounds the Kurds with a circle of betrayal it formed over Kurdish enmity, is responsible for the murder of Nagihan Akarsel.

The policies and administration of the PUK, which has failed to take a stand against the fascist AKP's crackdown and murders in Sulaymaniyah, are responsible for the murder of Akarsel.

The central Iraqi government, which did not object to the air strikes of the fascist Turkish state in Iraq and South Kurdistan, is responsible for this murder.

The US, which paved the way for the elimination of the freedom struggle’s leaders by persistently pursuing a policy of alliance and reconciliation with the fascist AKP government and which carries out the policy of extermination of freedom fighters in all parts of Kurdistan, especially in South Kurdistan, is responsible for the martyrdom and massacre of Kurdish women and patriots.


The likes of Jîna and Nagihan will not be silent. We will enhance the fight everywhere and keep Jîna’s and Nagihan’s memories alive in our struggle. The women's freedom struggle will not be finished off through massacres, but the fascist AKP-MHP government will.

The fascist AKP oppresses women and the Kurds everywhere with its policies of heavy pressure, torture, murder, massacre, threats, and military attacks using chemical weapons. It is time to reclaim our freedom and dignity. It is time to bring the fascist AKP to account for its murders and massacres. We call on all our people to hold the AKP accountable wherever they are.”