Peace Mothers protest against the KDP and the Turkish state

Peace Mothers protested against the KDP-Turkish state cooperation.

Batman and Siirt Peace Mothers Initiative members protested the KDP's policies of war and cooperation with the Turkish state. Party members, including HDP Batman Deputy Mehmet Rüştü Tiryaki, attended the protest held by the mothers in front of Nasıroğlu Business Center in Batman.

Speaking on behalf of the Peace Mothers, Muhlise Hinar said that all Kurds, wherever they may be, should do their best to prevent the slaughter of brothers and sisters. Hinar added, “We do not want a Birakujî (Kurdish civil war). Reasonable people do not want this. A normal human being desires unity and peace.”


Hinar concluded that, “Enough is enough, let the national unity be formed.” Hinar called out to the Kurdish forces: “An agreement can be reached at the table. Whoever he/she is, must pave the way for an honorable peace. We do not want young people to die. Enough is enough, no tears left in mothers' eyes. The solution is on the table. Blood cannot be cleaned with blood.”

After the speech, the mothers threw their headscarfs calling for peace against war.