Peace Mothers visit Emine Şenyaşar on Mother's Day

Peace Mothers who wanted to visit Emine Şenyaşar on Mother's Day were prevented.

On the occasion of Mother's Day, Peace Mothers wanted to visit Emine Şenyaşar, who has been continuing her Justice Vigil in front of the Turkish Ministry of Justice for 101 days. The mothers were stopped in front of the Turkish Ministry of Interior and were not allowed to enter the area where Şenyaşar’s vigil is taking place. The mothers then came to the street where DEM Party Headquarters is located and staged a sit-in protest and reacted against the obstruction against them.

Stating that they would not leave Ankara without seeing Emine Şenyaşar, the mothers continued their sit-in protest for a long time.

Emine Şen then went to the area where Peace Mothers gathered, welcomed with carnations and slogans such as "Right, Law, Justice" and "Bijî Berxwedana Zindanan" (Long live the prison resistance).

DEM Party Spokesperson Ayşegül Doğan, MPs Sevilay Çelenk and Yılmaz Hun accompanied the mothers.

Making a statement in front of the DEM Party Headquarters and speaking out against the unlawfulness inflicted on her, Emine Şenyaşar stated that those who murdered her husband and son were protected.

Stating that she has been seeking justice for 6 years and that she has encountered obstacles by the government, Emine Şenyaşar said in tears, "Those who inflicted this cruelty on us are trying to kill my son in a cell."

Speaking on behalf of the Peace Mothers’ initiative in Adana, a mother stated that Emine Şenyaşar is not alone and that they will always be with her and said, "We wanted to be with Emine Şenyaşar today on the occasion of Mother's Day, but we were prevented. Even our search for justice is not allowed. Emine Şenyaşar is this country's search for justice, she represents all of us. We will never leave her alone anywhere, anytime."