Police steal assault report from TJA woman while in custody

The assault report of Figen Ekti, one of the Free Women's Movement members, who had been in custody in the Ankara Political Branch for days, was stolen by the police. In addition, it was learned that Ekti was hospitalized today due to a vertigo attack.

The torture carried out by the Ankara police against TJA (Free Women's Movement) members who were detained within the scope of the investigation opened by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, has been continuing for days.

The women who were taken from Amed to Ankara were tortured by the Ankara Political Branch police. Figen Ekti, one of the TJA members who was subjected to torture, learned that the report of the beating she received under the control of a doctor on Thursday, was stolen from her coat pocket by the police.

It was learned that Ekti suffered a vertigo attack while she was at the Ankara Courthouse for the prosecution to take their statements.