Preparations for HPC-Jin general conference underway

The 150 delegates who attended the annual meeting of the HPC-Jin Euphrates region started the preparations for the general conference.

The Euphrates region HPC-Jin held its annual meeting with the participation of dozens of members in preparation for the general conference to be held with the slogan "Persistence in the line of Sara and Ruken is a guarantee of success".

The meeting was held in the hall of Sirin Culture and Art Center with the participation of 150 members.

HPC-Jin board members of Tabqa, Manbij, Raqqa, Kobanê, Eyn İsa, Sirîn, Curniyê and Mehmudlî were present at the meeting.

Speaking at the meeting, HPC-Jin General Coordination member Berfin Afrin said: "Preparation for this sensitive stage and organizational awareness need to be increased."

Berfin continued: "Our work should be true to our word. We should work harder. We should be more open to ourselves in the context of organizational work in order to advance our people."

Following the reading of Abdullah Öcalan's perspectives on the current situation in the region, the annual report of the Euphrates region HPC-Jin was read.