Raqqa Social Justice Council says killing of young girl in Hesekê must be heavily punished

Members of the Raqqa Social Justice Council said that the murder of a girl named Eyde al-Seîdo in Hesekê deserves the heaviest punishment.

Speaking about the murder of the little girl Eyde al-Seîdo in Xiwêran, in Hesekê, the members of the Raqqa Social Justice Council said that the killers deserve the heaviest punishment.

Describing the events as brutality, Raqqa Social Justice Council member Duha al-Ezawî said: “This is a horrendous crime. Nothing can justify this brutality against a little girl. In many societies, women are oppressed. Women are deprived of many rights due to some backward customs. We need to increase the fight against it.”

Duha said: “Forced marriage of a child is against both the law and morals. According to the law, these killers should be heavily punished. This is necessary so that similar crimes do not occur again.”

Speaking on the subject, lawyer Mihemed al-Ismail said: “It is not the first crime committed on the grounds of ‘honour’. This crime is a product of the backward mentality still alive in the society. We must continue to fight this mentality. In other words, the murder of a little girl is also to be put down to the lack of awareness of the society."

Condemning the murder of children, lawyer al-Ismail said: “This crime is unacceptable both morally and legally. Law enforcement should heavily punish this crime. We should all work together to prevent similar crimes from being committed.”