Remembering internationalist Helin of the YPJ

When asked why she had joined the Rojava revolution, Helin would reply: "There is a revolution here. I too wanted to be part of a real revolutionary”.

Internationalist fighter Helin Karaçox took part in a revolutionary struggle against the state mentality aimed at making people slaves, a mentality she is determined to fight. To fight this state mentality, Helin sided with the freedom of the woman way, and joined the YPJ ranks in Rojava, where the fight for women's liberation came into being.

In England, Helin Karaçox (Ana Campbell), born in 1992, began to show her revolutionary attitude at the age of 17 while investigating ways to counter the state mentality.

The more she grew up the more she found herself against the politics of the state mentality to separate the peoples, society and animals from each other and reacted to this. Helin, who participated in some anarchist and democratic groups, united words and thinking to actions.

Helin, who struggles against captivity of human beings and animals, constantly sent books and letters to political prisoners. She and her friends took part in activities against animals labs.

While at university, Helin, realised that in fact the education system has been turned into a trade centre by the state mentality and decided to leave in 2011. She left the university, but she kept studying, especially history, and continued to participate to actions to free people, always siding with the oppressed.

Having met the Rojava Revolution through the actions of the Kurdish people in Europe, Helin decided to research this revolution. Later she read the defenses of the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and she told Anha news when they met her: “I have answered all the question marks and contradictions I had after reading the defense of Leader Apo. This defense provided me with more power to continue the freedom struggle".

When asked why she had joined the Rojava revolution, Helin would reply: "There is a revolution here. I too wanted to be part of a real revolutionary”.

Helin got to Rojava after reading Leader Apo defence, and together with the other internationalist fighters received Kurdish language education and then military training.

Helin told Anha she has found a deep difference between women in Rojava and women in Europe. The latter for her were living in a much heavier slavehood but they were not aware of it, and thought they were free. 

The greatest desire of the internationalist fighter was to live her life according to the revolution precepts. Helin, who had never loved war, realized that war was necessary to achieve women’s freedom and this is why she joined the YPJ. Helin lived her first experience of battle during the historic resistance against the DAESH gangs. She was now a YPJ fighter and was fighting to free other women.

Helin, who wanted to be part of the Resistance against the occupation attacks launched by the Turkish state against Afrin on January 20th, went to Afrin with her friends. Her excitement and that of her friends for going to the battlefield was crashed.

Anha had spoken to her in Afrin, while she was preparing to go to the frontline with her friend Şilan. Helin showed great enthusiasm and faith: "Now we are leaving, I’ll see you when we get back from the frontline”.

Helin resisted with her friends to the barbaric attacks of the Turkish state and gangs. They resisted for days on the battlefield. Helin fell martyr on 15 March, on day 55 of the resistance, when Turkish war planes hit her position, in the neighborough of Ashrafiyah, in Afrin.