Sexual torture against female prisoners

Female prisoners in the Tarsus Type T Prison relayed through their lawyers that they have been subjected to sexual torture and that sick prisoner Sisê Bingöl (75) was taken to the hospital in handcuffs.

Torture and mistreatment of prisoners continue in the Tarsus Type T Prison. Female prisoners had relayed the rights violations they had been subjected to through their lawyers, and are now saying that the guards started to enter the room as they were showering and using the toilets.

According to an article on JIN News, the prisoners who protest what’s happening are subjected to sexual torture and put in solitary confinement, while the 75 year old sick prisoner Sisê Bingöl can no longer use the toilet on her own, and is taken care of by her wardmates. Sisê Bingöl has bladder problems and is constantly sick but is taken to the hospital in handcuffs.

A baby held in the same prison with its mother has lost its health due to the alum added to the prison food, and is constantly vomiting. The prisoners have received racist abuse from guards since the day the attack against Afrin started.

Prisoners also demand the Human Rights Association publicize the rights violations they are subjected to as soon as possible.