Shengal commends Nadia Murad

The Shengal Democratic Autonomous Council commended the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Nadia Murad.

The Shengal Democratic Autonomous Council  has congratulated Yazidi woman and activist Nadia Murad for the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to her.

The written statement said: “We congratulate Yazidi Kurdish woman Nadia Murad and Congo Gynecologist Mukwege who received the Nobel Peace Prize. We congratulate Nadia and all Yazidi people. Nadia managed to free herself from the DEASH mercenaries who held her captive. She told the world about the massacres and torture Yazidi people were subjected to”.

The Yazidi people, added the statement “have been subjected to attacks and massacres throughout history. For the first time, the world was aware of the suffering of the Yazidi. Nadia Murad told with courage what torture, attacks and repression women suffered. We congratulate Nadia Murad, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize”.

The Yazidi people have not yet reached their rights, reminded the statement adding: “Thousands of women are still prisoners in the hands of DAESH mercenaries. We hope that the genocide against the Yazidi will be recognized. The autonomy of Shengal should be recognized”.