Summary of proceedings against HDP Amed MP Güzel

A summary of proceedings was prepared about HDP Amed MP Semra Güzel for the cards she sent to prisoners to celebrate 8 March, which was considered ‘propaganda for a terrorist organisation’.

A summary of proceedings was opened against Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Amed Deputy Semra Güzel for the cards she sent to the prisoners as part of the 8 March International Women's Day celebration.

Güzel was charged with "terrorist organization propaganda" on the grounds that the cards she sent to women prisoners in Izmir Closed Prison "instigated prisoners".

The card sent by Güzel included the following statements: "I greet your honorable resistance with respect. We know our gardens will grow green, neither men with beards more than minds, nor voices louder than their conscience, none of them could stop women who smell freedom, and none of them can stop women as the century changes, with this determination and hope, we greet your March 8 with hope that blossoms in the hands of spring. I embrace you with the friendship of the goddesses.”