The Council of Jinwar: We are here, in our homeland

"Every place where ecological democratic life is growing is our land. Every system where there is a plurality of nations, languages, cultures and beliefs is our system. All people who are fighting for these rights are with us."

The Council of Jinwar released a statement on the current situation in the region. Full text of the statement reads as follows:

"In course of the ongoing attacks and invasion, women and children from Jinwar, as all the people in North and East Syria, had to confront all different situations and faces of the war.

Jinwar represents the strength, the effort and the ability of women to put our will for a free and communal life into practice.

For many people Jinwar and the whole women's revolution became inspiration and hope to build a more just and free society.

For that reason people from all over the world are following with attention our situation.
Thus we consider necessary, to make another statement and give an update on our situation and perspective.


Since the 9th of October 2019 systematic attacks and attempts of genocide have continued against the Kurdish, Arab, Armenian and Syriac population of North and East Syria. This occupation is a direct attack on the democratic, social institutions and the democratic self-governance of the people. Those brutal attacks carried out by the Turkish army and jihadist proxy forces are taking place under the command of Turkish terrorist leader Erdogan.

Turkey is governed by the occupation politics of Erdogan. The allies of these occupation politics unite with the terror of Erdogan and close their eyes in front of the occupation of every region where Kurds and people other nations live. This situation has been recognized by freedom loving peoples in many countries all over the world. It is a genocide of the 21st century which is watched in live programs by everyone. Many reactions in these countries have been answered with violence. But the resistance continues until now. It is very honorable that so many different people identify with the struggle and the claims of the people here and attempt to find ways of solution.

In North and East Syria these methods of solution and resistance have been practiced. The first way is the right to legitimate self-defense, which will continue until ways for solution will be settled. The second way is the daily development of a system of democratic organizations and institutions. The system of the democratic nation has been shaped in the fields of education, economy, health, common free life, politic and others. It is the transformation of a spirit into practice.

The works of education, health, economy, municipality, ecology and politics are continuing under any condition. Being part of this system of democratic nation, all these works and dimensions comprise the daily life in the women’s village Jinwar. In all fields of life like education, health, ecology, economy, agriculture, gardening and stockbreeding, Jinwar has been able to become an example of collective and peaceful life.

But as the whole region is under the threat of an occupation war, the life of women, children and the existence of Jinwar are also at risk. The sounds of Turkish warplanes, tanks and bombs are very close. The women and children of Jinwar who had already suffered different painful life experiences found in JINWAR for the first time a peaceful and secure place. But now they have to face once again the fear of war and death. These conditions made it necessary that some children and women with health problems or special needs had to move to other places. They are waiting for the end of the war to return to their friends in their village.

Apart from that the women of Jinwar are organizing their life in the village even if the conditions have become difficult. At the same time the women of Jinwar have been joining the protests against the war, like demonstrations, meetings and public statements. By supporting victims of war, visiting ill and wounded, attending to martyr burials and ceremonies, the women of Jinwar have been expressing their concern and solidarity. Feeling social responsibility, the women of Jinwar visited surrounding villages and continued with their daily works in the village. Especially regarding the health care of the women and children, the necessary treatment and monthly health checks have been organised.

The women’s village Jinwar was opened on the International Day against Violence against Women, on 25th of November 2017. Until now dozens of women and children have been staying in Jinwar, and sharing their bread, food and water here with each other. The inhabitants of Jinwar are deeply connected with each other and their village. The life in the village has become an example for their friends and neighbours.

On the 25th of November, we will once again celebrate in our village the anniversary of the opening of Jinwar and rise up against all form of violence against women. We will continue our struggle to continue our life in peace. We hope to see all of you on the 25th of November in Jinwar, condemning all genocides, massacres, religious fundamentalism, sexism and racism, and invite you to celebrate the gains of women’s struggles.

We are here, on our land. We are here, in our homeland. Every place where ecological democratic life is growing is our land. Every system where there is a plurality of nations, languages, cultures and beliefs is our system. All people who are fighting for these rights are with us.

JIN, JIYAN, AZADI [Woman, Life, Freedom]"