The enemy inside us, new podcast by Çay at the Women's Front

Çay at the Women's Front published a new podcast.

Çay at the Women's Front has released the second podcast of the second series. It is titled "The enemy inside us".

Describing the new podcast, the internationalist women said: "The success of the revolutionary women in Rojava is linked a lot to their determination and militancy. Reaching this means fighting liberalism. The term liberalism seems to be confused a lot.

After many discussions with friends here in Rojava, we started to get a deeper understanding of what it is and how it is connected to every single one of us. How we think, how we struggle, how we approach revolution are all connected to how much we are influenced by liberalism. With Ruken and Berwar we are discussing how we are personally affected by liberalism and how we struggle against it."

Guests: Ruken and Berwar from Germany, members of the Internationalist Youth Commune of Rojava.

The new episode can be listened to here