Til Temir: US troops encounter Russian military convoy

A confrontation between US and Russian troops in the North Syrian town of Til Temir has led to renewed tension. A similar incident had already occurred a week ago.

In northern Syria, a confrontation between US troops and a Russian military convoy briefly caused tension. In Til Temir (Tal Tamr) in north-eastern Syria, a US military patrol encountered a Russian convoy on the M4 international transport route. After a discussion, the Russian vehicles departed in the direction of Qamishlo, while the US troops set off for Hesekê. A little later two Russian military helicopters and US fighter jets appeared in the sky above Til Temir. Without further incidents, the situation subsequently eased.

Only a week ago a similar incident occurred in the region. After US troops stopped a Russian convoy, security forces of the autonomous administration had to intervene to reduce the tension.