TJK-E calls for participation in Newroz celebration in Frankfurt on Saturday

“It is our historical responsibility to keep the " Jin, Jiyan, Azadi" (Woman, Life, Freedom) campaign alive with the spirit of Newroz,” said the TJK-E, calling for participation in the Newroz celebration in Frankfurt this Saturday.

The Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe (TJK-E) released a statement calling for strong participation in the Newroz celebration to be held in the German city of Frankfurt on March 25.

“Throughout history, there has always been resistance against the tyrants who maintained their power through policies of oppression. As the most beautiful expression of resistance, Newroz created the self-government of the people thanks to the great struggle of Kawa the Blacksmith against the cruel tyrant Dehak. Flocking to celebrations on Newroz day, our people expressed their refusal to live under the yoke of contemporary Dehaks and their commitment to the tradition of resistance under all conditions.

Newroz has thus taken its place in history as the awakening, resistance and resurrection day of all peoples, the oppressed and women who choose to resist the oppressive and dominant powers. We congratulate all our people, and Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, on Newroz, which is a festival of resistance and unity.

The culture of resistance in Kurdistan has persisted with Newroz. People have been resisting for thousands of years for this tradition to grow and stay alive. The resistance of the peoples of the Middle East is being reborn in Kurdistan with the ideas, philosophy and ideology of Öcalan. This rebirth revives the spirit of Newroz. At the beginning of his freedom struggle and march, Öcalan resuscitated the culture of resistance and the spirit of Newroz. A people has been reborn out of its own ashes through this truth. The struggle of our people and the revolutionary leadership of Kurdish women have proven this reality for half a century at the cost of thousands of martyrs.

We welcome the Newroz of 2023 at a time when historic developments are taking place, and everything becomes clearer. The fascist AKP-MHP regime has become even more aggressive as it has seen its end in these developments. The earthquake on February 6 and the following developments revealed the true face of this dirty alliance. The fascist AKP-MHP regime should know that Kurdish women and people will respond to the fascist regime by increasing their struggle. As they did in the past, they will unite around Öcalan and secure democracy, justice and equality. The struggle that we, women, manifested on March 8 is the representation of the spirit of Newroz. It is our historical responsibility to keep the " Jin, Jiyan, Azadi" (Woman, Life, Freedom) campaign alive with the spirit of Newroz.

On this basis, we call on all our people, especially women, young people and our friends, to unite around Öcalan and to light the Newroz fire everywhere. We urge our people to participate in the Newroz celebration to take place in Frankfurt on March 25.”