TJK-E: Let's unite our voices in Paris with one heart

The Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe commemorated the victims of December 23 massacre in Paris and called for participation in the march to be held in Paris on January 7.

The funeral service for Evîn Goyî, Mîr Perwer and Abdurrahman Kızıl took place in the Paris suburb of Villiers-le-Bel on Tuesday. Evîn Goyî, whose real name was Emine Kara and who was an executive council member of the KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union), was shot dead on 23 December along with Kurdish musician Mîr Perwer (Mehmet Şirin Aydın) and long-time activist Abdurrahman Kızıl in the attack on the Ahmet Kaya Cultural Centre in Paris. The three martyrs are being laid to rest in their hometowns in Kurdistan today.

The Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe (TJK-E) released a written statement concerning the Paris killings, saying: “Erdogan and his fascist AKP-MHP alliance have once again put into action policies of massacre in Europe in order to whitewash their military and political defeats and to get rid of multiple crises in the country. Our friends Evîn Goyî, Mir Perwer and Abdurrahman Kızıl were murdered on the 23rd of December, 2022 as a result of a nefarious attack at the Ahmet Kaya Kurdish Cultural Centre in Paris, which was organized by Turkish intelligence service MIT. A genocide was planned once again and our friends were targeted on the 10th anniversary of the triple murder of Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez by MIT (Turkish secret service) in Paris on January 9, 2013.”


The statement continued: “We all know that the French state paved the way for the second massacre on December 23, as it did not ensure an independent and transparent trial of the perpetrators of the 2013 massacre and the forces behind it. The main aim of the French state is obviously to break the organized power of the Kurdish Women's Movement and to eliminate the determined struggle of the Kurdish people and the Kurdish freedom movement through attacks on our institutions and associations. The achievements made thanks to major struggles and prices in four parts of Kurdistan disturb sovereign and imperialist powers. The struggles of Nagihan Akarsel, Hevrin Khalaf, Arîn Mirkan, Deniz Poyraz, Sêvê, Sakine and other comrades have become a nightmare for fascist forces by becoming universal with the outcry ‘Jin, Jiyan, Azadi’ (Woman, Life, Freedom) in light of Öcalan’s philosophy.

Our struggle against capitalist modernity in Europe will continue, just as the Kurdish people have fought everywhere through self-defence against the policies of massacre and genocide for years. After the latest attack, our people, who have been in resistance for years, showed once again that we do not renounce our struggle and achievements. Our women will continue to bring those responsible for all massacres to account with our growing organized power.

During the commemoration of Martyr Sakine Cansiz, Martyr Fidan Doğan and Martyr Leyla Şaylemez to be held in Paris on January 7, we will remind the French state of its responsibilities in lifting the veil of secrecy behind the massacre in order to put an end to 10 years of shame. As in previous years, we urge all our people, especially the women, and our friends, to participate in the march in Paris. Let's unite our voices and will and speak out our insistence on justice with one heart.”