Tribute to Deniz Poyraz in Izmir

Deniz Poyraz was commemorated on the third anniversary of her killing.

On 17 June 2021, Deniz Poyraz was assassinated by a Turkish fascist in the HDP party premises in Izmir / Konak.

On the third anniversary of her death, the young Kurdish woman was commemorated at her grave by her family, officials from the DEM party and the Mothers of Peace.

Deniz Poyraz Family, Izmir Mothers of Peace Assembly, Izmir People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Deputies İbrahim Akın, Burcu Gül Çubuk, Provincial Co-Chairs of the Party DEM of Izmir Vezan Karabulut, Mehmet Kuruş and many representatives of institutions and citizens attended the commemoration.

Deniz Poyraz was shot six times at the HDP headquarters in the Konak neighborhood on 17 June 2021. That day, a board meeting with around 40 people was supposed to take place in the building, but was postponed until the last minute. The assassin wanted to commit a massacre that day but only found Deniz, and he killed her with several bullets and attacked her corpse.