Turkey: 409 women killed, 387 children abused in 2017

At least 409 women were killed, and 387 children were abused in Turkey in 2017, We Will Stop Femicide Platform said.

According to a report by We Will Stop Femicide Platform in Turkey at least 409 women were killed in Turkey during 2017. 387 children were also sexually abused during the same time period.

Istanbul is the most dangerous city for women with 57 women murders. Izmir (32), Antalya (25) and Bursa (18) follows Istanbul. 88 women were killed because they wanted to make the decisions about their lives and 30 were killed because they wanted to divorce their partners. 132 murders were identified as suspicious while the motivation behind 110 murders were unknown.

Twenty-two percent of women were killed by their husbands and thirteen percent were killed by a familiar person.

The platform pointed out the increase of women murders in 2017 and said that the emergency rule contributed to the increase.

We Will Stop Femicide Platform collects information about violence against women via press and official press releases. The number of women murders and child abuse is thought to be much higher.