Turkey and its mercenaries killed 84 women and kidnapped over a thousand in Afrin

Announcing the balance sheet of the crimes committed by the Turkish state against women in Afrin, Afrin Civil Society Organizations said that 84 women were killed and more than a thousand women were kidnapped.

Afrin Non-Governmental Organizations announced the balance sheet of the crimes committed by the invading Turkish state and its mercenaries against women in Afrin.

The press briefing attended by tens of women was held in Shehba. Wefa Mihemed, a member of the Afrin Human Rights Organization, read the Arabic version of the text of the statement, while Gulê Cafer, the Director of the Non-Governmental Organizations, read the Kurdish version.

Drawing attention to the situation of women in the occupied regions, the statement said: "What happened in Afrin has exceeded war crimes. The Turkish state is trying to take revenge on the women who lead the struggle. Women are being attacked by the Turkish state for destroying terrorism in Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî."

According to the balance sheet, 84 women have been killed in Afrin since 18 March 2018, when Turkey and its mercenaries invaded it. Six of these women ended their lives because they could not cope with what they had gone through. Over a thousand women were abducted by mercenaries on different dates. The fate of many is still unknown. Sexual abuse crimes against 71 women were committed.

The statement condemned this violence and asked the UN and the other international organisations to take action against these crimes.