Two female prisoners on hunger strike exiled

Sibel Akdeniz and Azize Yagiz, who have been on a hunger strike in the Mardin Type E Closed Prison, were exiled to the Kayseri Closed Women’s Prison.

Political prisoner Sibel Akdeniz has been on a hunger strike since January 5 and Azize Yagiz since March 1 protesting the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan. The two women were recently exiled to the Kayseri Closed Women’s Prison 670 km from Mardin.


Akdeniz has lost 11 kg during the hunger strike and her health has been deteriorating. She had sent a letter through her family and said, “We are the ones who want to be comrades to Kemal Pir who said he loved life enough to die for it. We want to be comrades to Mazlum who made a torch out of himself to smash treason. We can be a bridge from one resistance to another like Sema. So we say, the last word has already been said by those before us: Whatever the end may be, it will be magnificent. This is a quote from the Hero of Sur, Martyr Ciyager. And we will prevail.”

Azize Yagiz has been in prison for 9 years. She said, “Isolation would only advance insolubility. Our effort is for a free tomorrow, full of peace.”