Uca: "Why was the rapist officer released?"

In a question to the Ministry of Justice, HDP member Feleknas Uca raises important questions about the rape of I.E. by a Turkish officer.

After being raped by a staff sergeant from the Turkish army, Kurdish young woman I.E. from Beşiri district of Batman tried to take her own life. Her life is still in danger. Meanwhile, the suspected perpetrator Musa. O. was released. HDP member Feleknas Uca from the province of Batman, where the girl comes from, made the release of the officer and the crime a subject of discussion with the Ministry of Justice. In particular, she asked why Musa O. was released despite overwhelming evidence and whether the military's defence that he had been "drunk" had had any influence on this. Furthermore, the deputy addressed the issue that the police had not dealt with the family's rape complaint and asked whether an investigation was taking place in the meantime.

In her questions, Uca pointed out the impunity of crimes against women and children and warned that actions such as the release of the officer further encourage such crimes. Another important question of Uca was whether the increase of abusive acts by Turkish officers in the Kurdish regions is a coincidence and whether the government is turning a blind eye to these crimes.