UN envoy: Women live in fear

The Taliban is already neglecting its promise to respect Afghan women's rights, according to a United Nations official based in Kabul.

The Taliban has "repeated the same statement that women's rights would be respected within the framework of Islam," said Alison Davidian, a representative for UN Women in Afghanistan. "But every day we were receiving reports of rollbacks on women's rights."

For example, "women are prohibited from leaving the house without a mahram," or male family member, Davidian said. "In some provinces they (are) stopped from going to work," she added. 

The Taliban on Tuesday announced a government made up exclusively of men who are already members of the Islamist movement. "With the announcement (of their government) yesterday, the Taliban missed a critical opportunity to show the world that they are truly committed to build an inclusive and prosperous society," Davidian said and added: "Now is the time for the Taliban to show that it governs for all Afghans."

UN Women is a UN agency dedicated to equality of the sexes and the empowerment of women worldwide.