Viyan Soran: We are the fighters of martyr Sara

YJA Star fighter Viyan Soran said that they would continue their struggle as the fighters of Martyr Sara and added, “Comrade Sara has created a form of life that no one can destroy.”

The guerrillas of the Free Women's Troops (YJA Star) are resisting the invasion attacks of the Turkish state by adopting the line of resistance created by the great revolutionary Sara (Sakine Cansız). Viyan Soran is one of the female fighters confronting the all-out attacks.

Sakine Cansız was one of the co-founders of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). She was assassinated along with Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez in the triple murder of Kurdish women activists in Paris, France, on 9 January 2013.

YJA Star guerrilla Viyan Soran said that they get strength from the struggle of Sara. “We are all fighters of Comrade Sara. As a revolutionary woman, she fought with great courage for the freedom of women. Based on her determination, will and resistance, she founded the free women's movement and introduced it to the whole world. People came to realize that societies would not be free without the emancipation of women. In this sense, Comrade Sara is our pioneer and showed us the way to freedom,” she said.

Guerrilla Viyan Soran emphasized the influence of Commander Sara on the women's army. “Difficulties are currently overcome based on the struggle line of our comrade Sara who has been recognized all over the world thanks to her will and courage. We ground our existence on the persona of Comrade Sara. The identity of a free woman is embodied in the person of Sara. We have become an army in the mountains of Kurdistan thanks to Sara's efforts. She showed us the right path. This is both a beginning and a reason for success for us,” she said.


Viyan Soran revealed that she saw martyr Sara in person only once, but that she gained strength from her as if she were always accompanied by her. “Comrade Sara's beauty and tranquillity left a great impression on me. I still vividly remember that magnificent scene. Based on her strong personality, Comrade Sara exposed all the lies of the patriarchal system and showed the whole world what the truth is. The truth is that women can lead and protect society with their free existence.

Comrade Sara always encouraged women to be self-confident and take a strong stance. She used to tell us: 'Have will and courage, take big steps.' As the companions of Comrade Sara, we will continue her struggle in every step we take. We will put up historic resistance against the attacks of the enemy in the mountains of Kurdistan, the prisons of Amed and ​​Europe. The love of life underpins the road to freedom for all women. Comrade Sara is the love of life for us. Many people attempted to destroy her struggle, but she has created a form of life that no one can destroy.”