‘We will continue the struggle until we destroy the male-dominated world’

The Union of Women's Communards/Women's Freedom Force said that, “We have waged a war against patriarchal capitalism on all fronts! We will destroy the male-dominated world.”

The Union of Women Communards/Women's Freedom Force released a written statement to mark March 8, International Working Women's Day.

“Women, whose labour and bodies are exploited by men in homes, factories and schools, continue to stoke up the purple fire they have lit against male-state violence. In the meantime, the severe political-economic crisis of AKP-MHP fascism is continuing with various crackdowns against women. They pay the heaviest price of impoverishment as a result of the economic crisis,” the statement said.

“While the misogynist government continues its war against the Kurdish women's resistance through massacres and fascist/male ideology by murdering Garibe Gazer and Deniz Poyraz, it seeks to break the rising resistance with the prison sentences given to women revolutionaries and politicians, especially Aysel Tuğluk,” the statement stressed.

“We have declared a war on patriarchal capitalism on all fronts! We have removed all the borders. We will continue the socialist feminist struggle with every method and tool in every field until we destroy the male-dominated world!