Woman brutally killed in Balıkesir

A woman was tortured to death in Burhaniye district of Balıkesir.

The woman who tried to stop two brothers from fighting in Burhaniye district of Balıkesir was murdered.

According to the allegation, a fight broke out over a garden to be divided among three brothers in the district.

Ramazan D.'s wife Çiğdem D., who tried to separate the brothers, was tortured and murdered by Ramazan D.'s father, Bahri D., and brothers Aykut and Ali D.

Ramazan D. was injured. Gendarmerie and medical teams came to the scene after been called by the people around.

Ramazan D. was taken to Burhaniye State Hospital, while the body of Çiğdem D. was taken to the morgue of Bursa Forensic Medicine Institute for autopsy. Members of the family were detained.

An investigation into the incident was opened.