Women are the avant-garde in guerrilla tactics

YJA-Star guerrillas Jiyanda Laşer and Eylem Dilxwaz talk about the restructuring of the guerrillas and the change of tactics.

Jiyanda Laşer and Eylem Dilxwaz, guerrillas in the ranks of YJA-Star (Free Women's Troops), spoke to ANF about the restructuring of the guerrillas and their new tactics.

"If torpor and repetition spreads in war or within an army, defeat is inevitable", they say, and add: "Now that the enemy brutally attacks with all his technique, you have to develop tactics against it. For us, tactics are as important as water and daily bread."

The example of Zilan

In retaliation for an assassination attempt on Abdullah Öcalan in 1996, guerrilla fighter Zilan (Zeynep Kınacı) blew herself up in a military parade in Dersim on 30 June 1996. Laşer recalls this action and says: "Heval Zilan developed such a tactic. She pioneered a major change in guerrilla tactics. These tactics required great courage and willingness to make sacrifices. It showed how great a woman's guerrilla bravery is towards the enemy and how advanced her tactics are. The enemy was in shock. The women within the PKK became aware of their strength. They play an important role in the development of war and tactics."

Delal Amed: A master of tactics

Laşer continues: "The fact that I, as a guerrilla fighter, take part in this fight and in actions, has increased my self-confidence. Delal Amed was our front commander. She was one of the leaders of our movement. Heval Delal, like Heval Aze Mazgirt, was a master of tactics. A female guerrilla campaign makes it ten times more difficult for the enemy. He cannot understand how women can develop such tactics, nor can he bear that a woman is actually a leader in war."

The power of the ideology of Apoism

Laşer explained that Abdullah Öcalan's analysis of the man actually overcame the form of male command. It also attributes the tactical superiority of the YPJ women's defense units. The guerrilla fighter said there are hundreds of examples that form the rich legacy of experiences of the women's army and emphasized: "This is related to our ideology. If we were not so closely connected to our ideology as women, then perhaps we would not be so sure of victory as women. What makes women feel so safe in war and in life and what makes them so sure that they can succeed is believing in the life and philosophy of President Apo."

As important as water and bread

Guerrilla Eylem Dilxwaz says that the most important thing in guerrilla warfare is the development of new, creative tactics: "If the enemy brutally attacks you with all his technique, you have to develop tactics against it. For us, tactics are as important as water or our daily bread. The guerrilla cannot use the same tactics used for example when we take a position. The life and thinking of the guerrillas is necessarily characterized by flexibility. The development of tactics is always important, it changes with the conditions, the location, the ground and the phase. You adapt to the conditions."

The power of thought develops

Guerrilla Dilxwaz continued: "The enemy does so much propaganda with his war technique, but the guerrillas move in small groups in new ways and can easily avoid the enemy’s attacks. Man develops technology and man can lever it out. The PKK's life and combat experience has proven this. We know why and what we are fighting for. It is the person who creates and develops everything."

The legacy of the martyrs

Dilxwaz continued: "It is the strength of our martyrs that keeps us on our feet. We adapt our tactics to the needs and goals. As far as participation, ideas, attitudes and restructuring are concerned, our martyrs are our vanguard. Those who sacrificed themselves for liberation, who played an important role in the common struggle, give us moral strength. They give meaning to existence. You want to join a fight exactly like them."