Women around the world launch a petition for Aysel Tuğluk

Women from many countries started a petition for all ill prisoners in the person of Aysel Tuğluk.

A petition was launched with the title "1000 women call for freedom for Aysel Tuğluk" in order to draw attention to the health problems of the former co-chair of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), who is held in Kandıra F Type Prison. The campaign has already been supported by 2,520 people. The campaign aims at collecting 1,000 signatures by 12 January.

Women from many countries, including the United States, France, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and England, signed the campaign text prepared for Tuğluk.

On 14 January, women will run a social media campaign all day long with the slogan “Freedom for Aysel Tuğluk and all sick prisoners” and the  hashtag ‘I am one of a thousand women’. Women activists called for support for the petition campaign.

'Aysel Tuğluk’s health is getting worse'

The text of the call said that the campaign aims at defending the right to life of all ill prisoners in the person of Tuğluk.

“We stand by Aysel who is one of the millions of female citizens born to the multi-layered problems of a difficult territory. She is a woman who has made her choice in favor of the struggle against marginalization and with all segments of society, especially Kurds and women, who have been marginalized in power and power relations. She is a woman who has not used the privilege of building a life far from the difficulties of the territory she lives in, and has never given up on working both for the women's movement and rights. She is a defender of Turkey's struggle for democratization and freedom. She is a lawyer and politician. She is a precious part of the women's struggle, to which each of us is connected with a deep sense of companionship. (...)”

The statement continued: “Although it was stated months ago by the local health institutions that she could not live in prison, she is still in jail because of the contradictory report prepared by the Istanbul Forensic Medicine Institute. It is impossible to recover in prison conditions and her health is deteriorating irreversibly with each passing day.

We can't stay silent any longer because Aysel's life is at risk. We cannot be spectators. As women from all walks of life and struggle, we invite everyone to give voice to Aysel. We do not want to arrive late. We don't want to shed tears."

'All ill prisoners must be released'

Pointing out that there are hundreds of prisoners, many of whom are seriously ill, in jails, the call added: "Seven prisoners lost their lives in prison in the last month. The release of ill prisoners is a requirement of national and international legislation and conventions. Everyone has the right to live and be treated at home and among their loved ones. We claim the right to life. We want freedom for Aysel Tuğluk and for all ill prisoners before it's too late.

The call can be signed here