Women celebrate March 8 in Kobanê

The celebration at Free Woman's Square was held under the motto “Our struggle is freedom, our resistance is victory”.

International Women’s Day of Struggle was celebrated in Kobanê under the motto “Our struggle is freedom, our resistance is victory” at the Free Woman’s Square which was decorated with images of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and martyrs of the freedom struggle.

Addressing the crowd here, women’s movement Kongreya Star Coordination Spokesperson Zehra Berkel said; “We all witnessed the fight against ISIS in North and East Syria. Today, the same struggle is given against the Turkish state.  we salute all the women who are resisting the terrorists.”

Democratic Society Academy Spokeswoman Felek Yusif then read the March 8 message of YPJ (Women’s Defense Units). Pointing out the ongoing attacks against women by the male-dominant mindset, Yusif commended women’s struggle against slavery and stressed that women have the strength to stand tall in both war and peace.

Speaking after, Girê Spî Council Co-president Hêvîn Ismaîl saluted women’s struggle for freedom and denounced the Turkish state’s genocidal attacks that targeted women in the first place and drove them into migration because they were afraid of women most.

Euphrates Region Executive Council Co-president Lemîs Abdullah and Kobanê Asayish Forces administrator Feryaz Misto also addressed the crowd and evaluated the struggle of women.

The celebration ended with the performance of music band Hîlala Zêrîn.