Women from Afrin ready to join the campaign to liberate home

Women from Afrin said Afrin Liberation Conference was a response to the forces engaged in conspiracies against the peoples of the region.

A large number of people from Afrin are staying in the Berxwedan (Resistance) Camp in Shehba Canton after their displacement from home due to the attacks and following occupation of Afrin by the Turkish state and allied jihadist mercenaries.

A woman from Afrin, Necah Xelil, said she felt great happiness when hearing about the Afrin Liberation Conference, adding; “It is like I have revived. During the conference, all parties saw their deficiencies and decided to liberate Afrin.”

Rebia Sileman told that; “The conference took place at the right time and it has been a response to the enemies that are engaged in conspiracies against Afrin. The occupant Turkish state and their allies have displaced us and forced us to migrate in an attempt to weaken us and make us surrender. However, our struggle continues and we will free Afrin from Turkish state invasion.”

Leyla İbrahim pointed out that they will join the campaign to liberate Afrin with all their means available, adding; “We women are ready for the liberation of Afrin.”

Fidan Xelil pointed out the role of women in the Resistance of the Age, saying; “Just like women resisted and defended Afrin at the cost of their lives, we, too, are ready to sacrifice our lives for our country.”