Women from all over the world met in Chiapas

Around 3,200 women from all over the world are gathered in the mountains of Chiapas to join the "2nd International Meeting of Fighting Women", promoted by the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN). Women from Rojava sent a video to the meeting.

Women from Argentina, Germany, Peru, Spain, and the United States joined the "The Footprints of Commander Ramona" venue where about 200 former women guerrilla entered the site dressed in their customary green jacket, armed with bows and batons.

The situation in North and East Syria prevented delegates being sent from Rojava, so a solidarity video message was sent from the women’s movement Kongra Star, on behalf of the women in North and East Syria, to the Lacandon jungle.

The Zapatista spokesperson commander Amada thanked the visitors for responding to the short-noticed meeting, which focuses on violence against women across the world.

"Nowadays, although they preach that there are many advances for women, the truth is that being a woman has never been so deadly before in the history of humankind," Amada said.

"They say that women are now taken into account, but they keep killing us. They say there are now more laws protecting women, but they keep killing us. They say that it is now very well seen to speak well of women's struggles, but they keep killing us," she added.

Commander Amanda sent her solidarity to the families and mothers victims of femicide.

"We want to send a special hug to the families and friends of the disappeared and murdered women. A hug that lets you know that you are not alone. With our mode and in our place, we accompany your demand for truth and justice."